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Meet other local INTP's. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) categorizes people into 16 different types. Approximately 1% or so fall into the INTP (Introverted Intuitive Thinking Perceiving) category.

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Based on the Myers-Briggs temperament indicator, this group is designed to bring together INFJ, INFP, INTJ and INTP types.  Introverted, however, does not automatically mean excessively shy or sensitive!  It means we are not "happy hour" types, but p


I continue to organize this group because it seems introverts get a bad rep for being "shy" and "antisocial" and other negative stereotypes when that is not the case. I would like to call all introverts in the Austin area to show others that we can m


If you are reading this page, you probably already know what a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) is, and you probably are one. "HSP" is a concept explained by Dr. Elaine Aron in her 1996 book "The Highly Sensitive Person." If you identify as a Myers-Brig­

Sensitive People

This is a private group, but we're always looking for new members and friends. Please read below to see if our group seems like it will be a good fit for you. If so, feel free to join us. Making new friends or just finding acquaintances to do things

Meetup topics:

Just because we're introverted or maybe a little bit shy, it doesn't mean we’re weird. In fact, it’s estimated that around 30% of all people are introverts. But - not surprisingly - we're not making a big deal out of it. In this group we connect wit


We're a social group with a common personality trait: Intuition. In this case, "Intuition" refers to one of the traits identified by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). Those who test as iNtuitive tend to be big-picture people who are imaginative­


Come join us at our monthly meeting to discuss the trait of High Sensitivity. Based on Elaine Aron's book, "The Highly Sensitive Person", we'll delve into the gifts and challenges of the Highly Sensitive Person. Since the group is based on the work o


INFPs represent approximately 1% of the population, a rare group indeed! That means we are spread out all over the city, making it challenging for us to meet without some travel and inconvenience. Previous meet-ups have primarily been held at coffee


A group for people interested in discussing Myers Briggs, Typology, and of course, INFJ's! I’ve created this group because INFJs are one of the rarest types- and I think Meet up groups are a great forum to learn, grow and interact with likeminded peo

MBTI enthusiasts

INTP Atlanta is a mishmash of individuals who want to have honest, direct, discussions. No topic is off limits. For people of the NT temperament, this is a place where you can relate to others and gain insight by sharing experiences. Non-NTs are more


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April 17, 2014

This group is for those who love the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator(MBTI), identify as some intuitive type, and are in their 20's or 30's and possibly new to the Tampa area. Fun Fact:  It's estimated that only about 25-30% of the population are intuitiv

April 14, 2014

Saying that introverts like solitude is like pretending the sun does not shine ( Makes sense ? ) because solitude is what helps us fuel up to face this crowded world with renewed courage. If i could stay home everyday with my read a boo

April 6, 2014

This group is for introverts, especially those who are transplants to the area and are having trouble meeting new people. I understand that being introverted doesn't mean we are all going to have the same interests or hobbies. But maybe if we can get

Tampa Bay Introverts
April 4, 2014

This is a place for the intuitive thinking types of the MBTI (ENTJ, ENTP, INTP, INTJ) to come together and have intellectual discussions or formulate plots for world domination.

Intuitive Thinkers
April 1, 2014

This is a group for networking with fellow NTs, if you do not know what that means you may want to take a Briggs-Myers test In english: 日本語:­ero/mbti.cgi

Humans 2.0
March 19, 2014

Are you an N? As one of the most legendary Ns, Leonardo Da Vinci once said: "People of accomplishment rarely sit back and let things happen to them. They go out in the world and happen to things." Based on the personality theory by Carl Jung and othe

March 13, 2014

This group is for anyone interested in the application of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and Jungian psychology. Whether you are a newcomer or have years of experience with personality type and Jungian psychology we have a supportive group of people

Type Enthusiasts
January 23, 2014

This is a group for Introverts! Those of us who are introverts know to be introverted does not mean we don't like people. It means we get our energy from our alone time. But, we still want to know and network with others! So, how do introverted peopl

January 19, 2014

We're a social group with a common personality trait: Intuition. In this case, "Intuition" refers to one of the traits identified by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). Those who test as iNtuitive tend to be big-picture people who are imaginativ­

January 5, 2014

A place to learn and discuss personality type theory and implementation of skills and activities to enhance personal development, the path of individuation or the theory of disintegration. Jungian theory and MBTI will be covered.

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